Treatment of quality defects in passenger ropeway maintenance

01 Basic information

Equipment name: passenger ropeway

Equipment type: single-line circulating fixed sling, two-person hanging chair

Equipment level: B

Inspection type: annual inspection 02

Main defects

(1) The wheel liner of the supporting cable pulley is seriously worn and cracked; Figure 1

(2) The snap ring of the holding cable pulley is ejected; Figure 2

(3) There is no locking nut at the shaft end of the holding cable wheel axle, and the nut is loose; Figure 3

(4) The guide frame of the drive and detour wheel is not protected, causing abnormal wear of the suspender of the hanging chair; Figure 4

(5) The heavy hammer tension wire rope is arranged in disorder, and there is loose strand; Figure 5

(6) The clearance of the breaking needle of the anti-breaking shaft protection of the detour wheel exceeds the requirements and the type is incorrect;

(7) The lightning protection conductive ring of the support is missing;

(8) The grounding of the station building does not meet the requirements;

(9) The locking nut of the brake torque rod of the heavy hammer tension wire rope is loose;

(10) The drive wheel coupling is loose.

03 Cause analysis

Good daily maintenance is the basic condition for the safe operation of the ropeway. The inspection found that the ropeway did not meet the daily maintenance requirements of sufficient frequency and laws and standards, and the wearing parts that exceeded the standard were not replaced in time, and the important parts and safety devices of the ropeway were not regularly inspected and confirmed.

04 Possible faults

The failure of monitoring devices for some equipment will lead to the failure of equipment safety monitoring; If some equipment maintenance defects are not rectified in time, they will cause the ropeway to fail to operate normally and cause various safety accidents. 05 Processing

The user unit shall rectify the existing problems, strengthen the later maintenance, analyze the existing problems and find out the causes to ensure the safe operation of the ropeway.

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