TOTAL,an Exceptional Career Choice

At TOTAL our employees are a very important part of our current success and will be vital to our success and growth in the future. TOTAL seeks talented and dedicated employees; employees that add value to the organization. In exchange for this value, TOTAL offers a very competitive salary and benefits package.
• TOTAL works to exceed the needs of a diverse workforce so that we can meet or exceed the ever changing needs of the business.
• Ensure that we attract talented employees to be more competitive in the markets we service.
• Provide a broad range of financial and non-financial rewards, job satisfaction and work stability for our employees.
• Reinforce pay for performance and value provided.
• Ensure that the total compensation and benefits program supports workforce goals.

Education Resources

TOTAL employees are expected to take an active interest in their own development through lifelong learning. The only way our company can maintain a leadership position in the global industry is by employing people who never stop improving their minds and themselves. Our educational programs are designed to enhance your career growth and help you realize your full potential through lifelong education.

On-The-Job and Familiarization Training

It is in everyone’s interest that you feel as comfortable and as knowledgeable about your job as you possibly can. TOTAL’s On-Hour Training program is provided to you when the information or skills being taught are required for performance for your current or future work assignments, or when a formal training course is necessary to satisfy the requirements of company, customer or government regulations.