The worlds first wind power permanent magnetically levitated spindle bearing experimental prototype was launched in Changchun

On November 10, 2022, the world’s first wind power permanent magnetic levitation spindle bearing experimental prototype with fully independent intellectual property rights developed by Maig Sodium Magnetic Power Co., Ltd. was successfully launched in Changchun.

Chairman Ma Zhongwei said: This is a brand new bearing technology route opened by Maigesodium to safeguard the security of national wind power industry chain, bold innovation and breakthrough of wind power spindle bearing technology bottleneck. The technology makes full use of the magnetic field force contactless energy transfer characteristics, through multi-stage magnetic circuit optimization design, precise control of the bearing force, the traditional contact transmission change to contactless suspension transmission, to achieve ultra-low power loss, improve the power generation efficiency of wind power equipment. Focus on solving the problems of vibration, noise and life span that plague wind power equipment, to achieve contactless, low vibration and long life span. At present, we have obtained 3 invention patents and 17 utility model patents.

Currently, with the rapid rise in demand for new energy, the supply chain for wind power equipment has brought many challenges. Among them, wind power spindle bearings have become the most important bottleneck that restricts the development of the wind power industry. At present, the domestic wind power spindle bearing, 6MW level above the wind power spindle bearing about 98% market share is occupied by imported enterprises, the domestic bearing enterprises only in 3-6MW occupy about 32% share, and most of them are concentrated in the small power level, in the life and capacity of key parameters and imported bearings have a big gap, and the spindle bearing developed by MEG sodium can meet the 1MW to 30MW wind power spindle bearing application range It has many advantages. For getting rid of wind power spindle bearing import dependence, to protect the national wind power industry chain security has important significance.

Ma Zhongwei pointed out that this year is also the tenth anniversary of Maigao sodium business. On the basis of maintaining the leading level of permanent magnet governor and permanent magnet coupling at home and abroad, MagnaSodium actively responds to the call of national development of new energy and boldly aims the next development target at the main bearing of wind power generation, innovating a new “magnetic heavy weapon” to help the healthy development of new energy industry. With the successful start of the wind power permanent magnetically levitated spindle bearing prototype, MAG sodium will also enter a new stage of development, and will accelerate the technical innovation and application industrialization of wind power permanent magnetically levitated spindle bearing products, as well as develop breakthroughs in the application of nuclear power main pump, hydraulic turbine unit, flywheel energy storage, steam turbine and other national major key fields, providing key technical support for national major core equipment and helping national industry. We will continue to focus on the national “14th Five-Year Plan” development strategy, face the major national needs, and carry out the mission of Maigersodium.

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