SINOMACH’s “Belt and Road” Project Signing News!

SINOMACH Group has leveraged its resource advantages to continue to plough into the international market and promote the high-quality development of the "Belt and Road". Recently Successfully won a number of overseas projects

Signed EPC Contracts for Multiple Projects in the Philippines

Recently, SINOMACH successfully signed EPC contracts for several energy projects in the Philippines.

Among them, Talugtug 125 MW photovoltaic project is located in Nueva Ecija province, 400 kilometres north of Manila. The project intends to adopt advanced PV modules, inverters and other equipment to further improve the utilisation of solar energy resources and enhance the conversion efficiency to a greater extent. Upon completion, the project will provide reliable and stable clean energy to the local community.

The project is located in Calamba City, Neihu Province, Luzon Island, and will adopt grate-type incineration technology to process 1,000 tonnes of rubbish per day. After the completion of the project, it will further deepen the cooperation between China and the Philippines in solid waste treatment, and help the Philippines to promote energy transformation and achieve carbon emission reduction targets.

Bicol 1049 MW photovoltaic project is located in Bicol, Southern Luzon, covering an area of 1,047 hectares. As an EPC contractor, SINOMACH will undertake the project’s topographical and geological survey, design, equipment supply, civil construction, installation, commissioning, testing and commercial grid connection, providing an all-round, high-standard one-stop solution for the project.

The Mactan 240 MW combined cycle power plant project is planned to build three 80 MW combined cycle units, together with an LNG receiving terminal and a jetty. Upon completion, the project will provide Mactan with a clean and stable supply of baseload power, which will safeguard the power supply for the sustainable development of the local economy.

The above projects will be executed by China National Machinery Industry Engineering Group Limited, a subsidiary of the Group.

Signing of Consortium Implementation Agreement for Jenarata Dam Construction Project in Indonesia

Recently, SINOMACH signed a consortium implementation agreement for the Jenarata Dam construction project in Indonesia.

The project is the first livelihood project under the framework of cooperation between the governments of China and Indonesia in recent years. It is proposed to build a dam with a length of 1525 metres and a height of 63.8 metres, with a total capacity of 285 million cubic metres, and its main functions are flood control and irrigation.

Upon completion, the project will effectively alleviate the impact of flooding on local production and life, and the irrigable land area will reach 24,400 hectares, which is of great significance to further promote local agricultural development. The project will be executed by the Group’s subsidiary, Sinomachinery International Engineering Co.

Successful Bidding of 50 MW Grid-connected Photovoltaic Power Generation Project in Luapula Province, Zambia

Recently, SINOMACH has won the bid for a 50 MW (AC) grid-connected photovoltaic power generation project in Luapula Province, Zambia.

The project is one of the first batch of projects tendered by Zambia National Electricity Company’s Solar Energy Harvesting Scheme (SEH), and will be integrated into the national backbone grid after power generation, providing sufficient and stable power supply for the neighbouring regions. The project will be executed by the Group’s subsidiary, China National Machinery & Equipment Engineering Co.

Signing the EPC Contract for Jugang Garbage Incineration and Treatment Project in Indonesia

Recently, SINOMACH and Indonesia Green Power (IGP) officially signed the EPC general contract for the waste incineration project in Jugang, Indonesia.

The project is located in the city of Jugang, along the Musi River in the eastern part of South Sumatra, Indonesia, and is planned to treat 1,000 tonnes of domestic waste per day, along with two medium-temperature and sub-high-pressure waste heat boilers and a 20 MW condensing steam turbine unit.

Upon completion, the project will significantly reduce the amount of local municipal domestic waste and improve the local living environment. At the same time, the project will supplement the neighbouring grid power. The project will be executed by the Group’s subsidiary, China Electric Power Engineering Co.

Signed a supply contract of photovoltaic equipment in Thailand

Recently, SINOMACH and PPA Raw Materials Co., Ltd. signed a contract for the supply of photovoltaic equipment in Thailand.

As the supply project of PPA Raw Material Company Limited’s own photovoltaic power station, the completion of the power station will provide more clean and renewable energy for the production and business activities of local enterprises, and further help the local economy of Thailand to realise green development. The project will be executed by the Group’s subsidiary, China Heavy Machinery Co.

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