Shell Industrial Lubricants and National Energy Group and China Coal Development Company sign strategic cooperation agreement and cooperation framework agreement respectively

Recently, Shell Industrial Lubricants signed a strategic cooperation agreement and a cooperation framework agreement with National Energy Group and China Coal Development Company respectively at the 5th China International Import Expo.

In order to further deepen the strategic cooperation relationship between NEC and Shell Industrial Lubricants in material procurement, technical transformation, consulting services and business training, the two sides reached a consensus on in-depth cooperation and signed a procurement strategic cooperation agreement in accordance with the principles of equality and voluntariness, complementary advantages and mutual benefits.
Based on complementary advantages, information sharing and resource sharing, the two sides maintain a high level of trust between strategic partners to achieve joint cost reduction, service improvement, market development and profitability enhancement. The cooperation between the two sides covers the following areas.

I. National Energy Group, as the purchasing unit, procures lubricant materials from Shell and spreads them for sale in National Energy e-Shopping Mall.

2. Both sides will explore cooperation models on conventional equipment operation and maintenance, lubricant sales, technical training, technical consulting and optimization and transformation, and build a supply chain ecosystem on the platform of National Energy e-Shopping Mall to provide one-stop services to users.

3. the two sides rely on the National Energy e-Shopping Mall platform to share procurement information and customer service needs and jointly create a fair, transparent and sunny procurement environment.

Shell is a global energy company committed to building a sustainable energy future by using advanced technology and through innovative approaches.

China Coal Group and Shell Industrial Lubricants have had good cooperation in coal industry/coal chemical industry for many years. Both sides are willing to sign a cooperation framework agreement based on the principle of equality and mutual benefit and complementary advantages to form a long-term and comprehensive strategic partnership for market development, product supply and demand, and technology promotion to achieve resource sharing and common development. The cooperation contains the following contents.

First, the two sides will meet at an appropriate time recognized by both sides to hold cooperation meetings, negotiate and solve problems encountered in cooperation, implement the content of cooperation and develop cooperation plans.

Second, both parties will help each other and jointly promote the brands of both parties at various exhibitions in the industry, such as seminars on industry topics.

Third, the two sides may also conduct further discussions on other in-depth cooperation methods.

Fourth, the two sides jointly explore the establishment of product consignment warehouses/bonded warehouses in appropriate use areas.

Over the years, Shell industrial lubricants have been growing together with Chinese industrial enterprises. The expansion of the “circle of friends” at the Expo is the best interpretation of Shell’s foothold in China and service to industry.

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