Pellet machine spindle vibration cause analysis and treatment method

Pellet mill is one of the host equipment of the feed mill, the operator should be pellet machine daily maintenance, weekly maintenance, monthly maintenance work to ensure that the pellet machine to maintain a good and smooth, non-jumping working condition, if there is a failure of the equipment or wear and tear of some wearing parts, especially the transmission wheel and spindle jumping wear and tear, should be promptly repaired and replaced with spare parts to ensure that pellet machine work in the best working condition.
However, in daily production, often encountered some customer feedback pellet machine use a long time after the phenomenon of vibration, caused by the spindle vibration of the pellet machine spindle for the following reasons:

(1) The end of the spindle is not tightened or not tightened;
(2) 35 and above models spindle spline and spline seat with large clearance, 32 and below models spindle tail keyway and drive shaft, drive shaft and safety pin seat keyway with large clearance;
(3) Safety pin and safety pin sleeve, safety pin sleeve and safety pin seat hole clearance;
(4) Serious wear of spindle bearing;
(5) Ring die hole out of round, runout is more than 0.3.
(6) uneven adjustment of the pressure roller gap, etc.;
Firstly, check whether the spindle is tightened or not, firstly remove the back refuelling system, remove the spindle gland and check whether the butterfly spring is deformed. If the butterfly spring is flattened, it should be replaced with a new butterfly spring (the number of butterfly springs and assembly position should be the same as before disassembly). Then tighten the locking screws on the main gland and switch on the machine to check whether the spindle is shaking.
If it is still shaking, the main gland should be removed, the spindle should be cushioned with a copper rod, and the spindle should be beaten out in the direction of the ring mould with a sledgehammer, and then the spindle sealing cover should be removed, and the spindle bearing should be checked to see if it is intact. If the clearance is too large, the bearing should be removed and replaced with a new bearing, and then load the spindle locking in order. In the process of fitting the spindle, it should be noted that the position of the inner ring of the spindle bearing should be put in the right place in order to assemble the spindle in place. Under normal circumstances, after assembly in place, the spindle end face on both sides and the drive wheel end face difference of about 10mm. If you check out the spline fit clearance is large, keyway fit clearance is large, safety pin fit clearance is large, ring die inner wall out of round, etc., then the above parts must be replaced.
After the spindle is installed, open the empty machine to check the shaking situation. After the spindle is normal, should correctly adjust the gap between the pressure roller and the pressure mould, the spacing can not be adjusted to one side of the big side of the small, which will easily cause the spindle shaking, the material is not smooth, the current is unstable and so on.

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