P4A grade precision bearings industrialised for the first time in China by Shaft Research Institute

Full of innovation breakthroughs in a series of records, are from the precision bearing digital intelligent workshop of Luoyang Bearing Research Institute Co.

Here’s a set of numbers on upgrades:

272.1 per cent increase in productivity;
A 53.3 per cent reduction in product production and delivery lead time;
Product processing pass rate exceeding 99.0 per cent;
Equipment efficiency increased from 68.1 per cent to 75 per cent.

This is a number of results on the “first”: the enterprise’s first intelligent production line of precision bearings, the first time in China to achieve industrial mass production of P4A grade precision bearings, and promote the first domestic precision (high-end) bearings digital workshop construction standards.

Full of innovation breakthroughs in a series of records, are from the precision bearing digital intelligent workshop of Luoyang Bearing Research Institute Co.

Shaft Research Institute of precision bearings digital intelligent workshop is a busy.

With the MES system production Kanban digital scrolling, AGV car running back and forth, loading and unloading robots running freely, CNC grinding machine non-stop operation, in a number of flexible processing production line, a section of precision bearings are being output one after another, a vivid presentation of the “workshop seldom see people, but the sound of the machine sound,” the advanced manufacturing scenario.

The P4A grade precision bearings produced in bulk here are high-end bearing products whose dimensional accuracy meets ISO tolerance level 4.

Because of very high dimensional and rotational accuracy, ultra-high limit speed, low vibration and high reliability, widely used in machine tools and precision machinery and equipment, photovoltaic and new energy equipment, robotics and intelligent manufacturing and other fields, high value-added, processing difficulty, is China’s construction of bearings strong country must overcome the difficulties.

“Through the scheduling to achieve P4A level precision bearings small batch production, some domestic enterprises can do, but to achieve normal 100,000 level above the industrialised mass production, we are the first.” Speaking of achievements, Yang Hu, general manager of the precision components division of the shaft research institute, a proud face.

Industrialised mass production of high-end products, inseparable from the construction of high-end production lines.

Standing in the shaft research institute precision bearing digital intelligent workshop crossroads observation, production at a glance.

“Here is the core of the workshop, can conveniently see the two landscapes, the same scenery!” Yang Hu said wryly.

Yang Hu said “two landscapes” refers to the overall planning of the workshop. Workshop east and west, standing in the middle of the east –

15 sets of traditional mills are the enterprise actively implement remanufacturing innovation.

To “repair the old as new, comparable to new products” as the goal, the shaft research institute on the use of traditional equipment for many years to transform, so that the “old man” glow “new life”, so that it is in the equipment processing accuracy, Stability and other aspects of the equipment and the new equipment to maintain basic consistency, effectively reducing the production line construction costs.

Workshop on the west side, there are two rows of advanced CNC machining equipment facing and standing, equipped with supporting C-MES bearing intelligent manufacturing execution system workstations, can complete the equipment information collection, technical information transfer, material information transfer data collection, transmission, analysis, feedback, always showing the “vitality” of the dazzling light.

Together with the “robot army” in the air and on the ground, as well as high-precision bearing inner ring ID machine external inspection machine and other advanced equipment, the shaft research institute to actively build the whole process of digital empowered precision bearings intelligent manufacturing model, the east and west side of the production equipment and logistics equipment, warehousing equipment, etc. Organic combination of production equipment, in the nearly 16,000 square metres of the production plant In nearly 16,000 square metres of production plant, the speed, efficiency and quality of the coordinated and unified development.

Here, bearing blanks from the line to the line, the whole set of production beat control within 35 seconds, product precision and production efficiency have reached the international advanced level.

Relying on the workshop, the current shaft research institute can produce all kinds of precision bearings million sets per year, its products in addition to supply the domestic market, but also out of the country, head into Europe and the United States, Japan, Southeast Asia and other regional markets.

With the continued promotion of digital upgrading, the enterprise to create the bearing “Luoyang sample” is also playing a greater role.

Combined with the construction of the workshop, Shaft Research Institute actively led the construction of precision (high-end) bearing digital workshop to carry out research on key technologies, and successfully promote the “precision bearings grinding ultra-precision digital workshop Part 1: General Requirements” and other three national standards to the ground for the production of high-end bearings localised to continue to provide a scientific basis.

New upgrades are also on the way. A few days ago the shaft research institute and chongqing machine tool group signed a strategic cooperation agreement of high precision bearings.

The two sides will work together to break through the basic application of high-end precision machine tools key technologies, common technologies and process technology issues, to strengthen the industrial mother machine key industry chain construction capacity, and further contribute to accelerate the development of new quality productivity.

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