Officially inaugurated Tackling the “neck” bearing technology

In order to implement the spirit of the 20th Party Congress, promote the integration of industry and education, the integration of science and education, the morning of November 12, Hubei Engineering Vocational College and Renben Group jointly founded a major equipment bearing engineering innovation center was officially inaugurated, the center will target high-power wind turbines, shield machines and other major equipment in the field of “neck” bearing R & D production, optimize the enterprise’s technical process and technical equipment, so as to improve product quality.

On the same day, Hubei Engineering Vocational College and Renben Group jointly opened the order class also officially opened, the first batch of 42 students will become Renben Group’s “prospective employees”.

It is understood that the joint establishment of major equipment bearing engineering innovation center with Renben Group is a new exploration of Hubei Engineering Vocational College innovative school-enterprise cooperation model.

As a “National Top 500 private enterprises” “China’s top 500 manufacturing” enterprises, Renben Group has strong scientific research and technological strength, a high degree of enterprise automation.

Teachers from Hubei Engineering Vocational College have conducted on-site research for many times and found that some production processes and procedures of the company, such as fine grinding of bearings, packaging of finished bearings and boxing, need to be optimized and digitized and intelligently transformed by industrial robots to reduce labor costs and improve product quality and added value.

“Relying on the innovation center platform, the school and enterprises jointly target the research and development and production of ‘neck’ bearings in the field of high-power wind turbines, shield machines and other major equipment, and work together to tackle the problem.” Cheng Xiaofeng, director of Intelligent Manufacturing College of Hubei Engineering Vocational College, introduced that the innovation center will, through digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology, optimize the technical process and technical equipment of enterprises, and form innovative technologies to improve product quality; build an industry-university-research platform and collaborative innovation mechanism, and jointly build a joint innovation team of enterprises and schools, etc. At the same time, it carries out the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and incubates patent achievements, thus promoting the scientific and technological progress and development of related industries and fields, and promoting regional economic development.

It is worth mentioning that Hubei Engineering Vocational College has also set up a service team of teachers stationed in enterprises with Dr. Gan Muyang, a teacher of Intelligent Manufacturing College, as the leading person in charge, to carry out scientific and technological research and development in response to the technical needs of enterprises, so that the results can benefit enterprises.

Bearings are called the joints of industry and the heart of industry

China is a big bearing manufacturing country

But at present, many high-end bearings are still dependent on imports

These “neck” bearing project

In addition to the gap between materials and technology and foreign

More important is the lack of technical skills and talents

Ltd. said Chen Siqian, chairman of the board of directors, the human bearing and Hubei Engineering Vocational College to create a major equipment bearing engineering innovation center, is to use the advantages of the two sides of the resources, the school’s high-level theoretical research resources and human bearing rich practical production experience combined to break foreign technical barriers, innovation breakthroughs, bending overtaking, in has been dependent on imports of We will make a technological breakthrough in the production of bearings for major equipment such as wind power, rail transportation, shield machine and industrial robot, and create an efficient and intelligent production method.

Renben Group is one of the largest bearing manufacturers in China, with sales ranking eighth in the bearing industry in 2021. Over the years, Hubei Engineering Vocational College and Renben Group have carried out in-depth school-enterprise cooperation, the school has established off-campus production training bases in the enterprise, and Renben Bearing Company has also set up scholarships for outstanding students and prizes for skill competitions in Engineering Vocational College.

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