How to replenish and replace the lubricating oil of screw air compressor?

  1. How to replenish the lubricating oil of screw-type air compressor? What issues should be noted when refuelling?
    A: If the oil is lower than the lower limit of the oil mark during the operation of a screw-type air compressor, it should be refilled. When refuelling, stop the compressor first, withdraw the compressor from the joint control state, wait for the automatic pressure relief after stopping, the pressure gauge shows zero, then disconnect the compressor group power mains, hang the warning sign for maintenance, observe the oil level and refuel.
    Lubricating oil will be stored in the oil pipeline and the main engine, so the oil level should be accurately judged before refuelling to prevent the refuelling level from being too high and being taken away by the air, increasing the oil content in the air. The highest oil level is the oil plane in the upper part of the oil mark; the lowest oil level should be checked when the machine is moving, with the oil plane at the lower limit of the oil mark.
  2. How to replace the lubricating oil of screw-type air compressor?
    A: In the new machine running 500h or lubricating oil to reach the replacement cycle, lubricating oil into the water emulsification, carbon blackening should be timely replacement of lubricants. Specific as follows.
    (1) stop, close the export valve, take measures not to let the relief valve relief valve pressure, so that the system to maintain a certain residual pressure, conducive to the discharge of oil.
    (2) Discharge oil should be carried out immediately after the air compressor is stopped, so that the tiny particles suspended in the oil can be discharged to the machine together with the oil.
    (3) Connect the oil discharge pipe, open the ball valve and discharge the oil to the waste oil collection drum.
    (4) For oil piping, coolers and oil stored in the main engine, the connected pipes should also be removed for discharge and cleaning.
    (5) Close the oil discharge ball valve, open the oil filler cap and inject new oil up to the upper line of the oil mark; in actual oil change work, as all the oil stored in the system is drained, so the oil level can be increased to above the upper line of the oil mark when refuelling, but care should be taken not to inject too much oil, otherwise the excess oil will be taken away by the gas; cover the oil filler cap and pay attention to whether the O-ring is in the correct position.
    (6) When changing the oil, the oil filter should be replaced at the same time. When replacing the oil filter, apply a layer of oil on the rubber seal of the new oil filter and screw it tightly.
    (7) start the machine, check the oil level after running, if the oil is low, add some more oil as appropriate.
  3. Can the replacement screw compressor lubricant be filtered and used again?
    A: Under normal circumstances, air compressor lubricating oil has been aged and deteriorated after the expiry of the use of time, the use of oil filtration machine processing can only remove the particles in the lubricating oil, reduce the water content, but its kinematic viscosity, high temperature oxidation stability and carbon tendency performance and many other indicators have changed, these changes can not be seen with the naked eye, such as the continued use of these lubricants will soon appear in the air compressor high temperature, carbon accumulation and other abnormalities.
    To reduce enterprise air compressor lubricating oil expenditure, only extend the replacement cycle of lubricating oil, that is, do a good job of air compressor maintenance work, reduce the very air compressor lubricating oil aging deterioration occurred.

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