Heavyweight, Dongfang Electric “New” won a big order!

This project is the first cooperation between Dongfang Electric and China Coal Group in the field of new energy, and it is a strong support for the two parties to jointly implement the "dual carbon" strategy.

Recently, Dongfang Electric Wind Power Co., Ltd. won the bid for the 400 MW wind power project in 40 wells of Zhongmei Mulei.

This project is the first cooperation between Dongfang Electric and China Coal Group in the field of new energy, and it is a strong support for the two sides to jointly implement the “dual carbon” strategy. The 5 MW class doubly-fed wind turbine developed.

Dongfang Electric’s 5 MW doubly-fed wind turbine unit adopts a platform and modular design, and applies the company’s mature control strategy, electrical system, yaw system, tower, frame and other structures and technologies. , equipped with 183 meters, 195 meters and other specifications of the wind rotor diameter. The unit also meets the demand for single-blade hoisting on land, which can save 20%-40% of the hoisting area and greatly reduce the cost of land acquisition and leveling. Breaking through the limitation of complex terrain, the hoisting operation can be completed in areas where the wind rotor cannot be assembled on the ground, such as dense trees and mountain obstructions.

In recent years, Dongfang Wind Power has thoroughly implemented the leading strategy of the group company, boldly innovated, and made great breakthroughs in the application of new materials, localization substitution, intelligent load reduction technology, lightweight design of towers, and intelligent operation and maintenance. The research and development of double-fed wind turbines has applied a number of innovative technologies, and the overall technology of the wind turbines has reached the industry-leading level.

Based on the advantages of good power generation performance and high economy, Dongfang Electric’s 5 MW double-fed wind turbine has been favored by users since it was put into the market last year. Up to now, it has been installed in Shandong, Sichuan, Inner Mongolia, Hunan, Xinjiang, Liaoning , Chongqing and other provinces and cities have received more than 4,000 megawatts of orders.

China Coal Mulei Forty Jingzi 400 MW wind power project is one of the coal power flexible transformation projects in Xinjiang Autonomous Region. The marketing team of Dongfang Wind Power has optimized the plan several times according to the wind resources on site, and finally selected the project with the best power generation and economic efficiency. Customized comprehensive solutions have won the recognition of users.

China Coal Mulei’s 400 MW wind power project won the bid to further expand the company’s “circle of friends”. In 2022, Dongfang Wind Power will build a wind power main engine and blade manufacturing base with an annual output of 2 million kilowatts in Xinjiang with the “Oriental New Speed” of “contract signed in the same year, start construction in the same year, complete in the same year, and bear fruit in the same year”, which will effectively promote Xinjiang to accelerate the establishment of support A modern industrial system with high-quality development. The successful bidding of this project is of great significance for the company to continue to consolidate and expand the market in Xinjiang and promote the healthy development of the industry.

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