Axial Research Technology developed the first wind power spindle bearing life prediction system in China

Wind power spindle bearing life prediction system

(hereinafter referred to as “Axis Research Technology”) developed the first wind power spindle bearing life prediction system in China on November 7, 2022. This is an intelligent product for wind power bearing field after the company developed the first set of 7MW and 10MW TRB offshore wind power spindle bearings in China in 2021 and 2022.

At present, large megawatt wind turbine spindle shaft system more and more use TRB + TRB structure, this structure design high reliability, long service life, but the bearing installation accuracy and operation process of the bearing state requirements are high. At present, there is no effective method to predict the service life of spindle bearings in the wind power industry. Facing this industry problem, Axis Research Technology has developed a wind power spindle bearing life prediction system.

It is reported that the wind power spindle bearing life prediction system, a number of sensors distributed along the bearing circumference direction, can monitor the bearing preload and temperature changes during the life cycle of the transmission system, according to the bearing life prediction model, to determine the bearing service life. The system also has an early warning function, when the monitoring parameters appear abnormal, it can feedback early warning signals to remind engineers to adjust and maintain the turbine.

Axial Research Technology actively implements the spirit of the 20th Party Congress, promotes the development of digital economy, accelerates digital transformation, takes the initiative to grasp the new opportunities of digital economy development in the new era, starts a new journey of “Digital Axial Research” construction, promotes the digitalization, networking and intelligent development of products, and creates new advantages and new momentum for the development of the company.

Axial Research Technology insists on “forging the strengths of Axial Research and serving the needs of the country” and keeps launching new products for the wind power bearing field to ensure the safety of national wind power industry development and help achieve the “30∙60” double carbon goal.

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