An introduction to the repair and maintenance of agricultural machinery

Agriculture is the basis of our economy and the development of modern agriculture has helped the economy to take off. Its important performance is the extensive use of agricultural machinery. In the process of using agricultural machinery, there is the problem of full load operation in the busy season and idle operation in the idle season, which makes the wear and tear of agricultural machinery increase and seriously affects its service life. In order to ensure stable operation of agricultural machinery and improve operational efficiency, timely repair and maintenance is very important. This paper explains the content of agricultural machinery maintenance, and analyzes the common problems in the use of agricultural machinery and maintenance methods, in order to better maintenance and repair of agricultural machinery.

With the development of technology and modernisation, there are more and more users of agricultural machinery in agricultural production, and the maintenance and servicing of agricultural machinery is very important. The use, maintenance and repair of agricultural machinery is a complete system that interacts with each other. Therefore, it must be controlled from before the use of the standard and do a good job of daily maintenance. At present, there are still some problems in the maintenance and repair of agricultural machinery that need to be addressed with great attention and measures.

A. The content of agricultural machinery maintenance

1, the daily maintenance of agricultural machinery

Maintaining agricultural machinery is not a simple task. In daily use, some parts of the agricultural machinery will appear serious wear and tear. Therefore, some testing of agricultural machinery is required, as well as checking the air pressure in agricultural machinery tyres. It is important to clean key parts of agricultural machinery to prevent excessive mud and dust build-up that can cause the machinery to be in an unusable state. In addition, when adding lubricating oil and fuel to the machinery, choose the one that meets the specifications and is clean, and ensure that the cooling system works properly to prevent the temperature from getting too high or too low.

2, the maintenance of agricultural machinery parts

The maintenance of the internal parts of agricultural machinery is of great importance. Maintenance of the parts of agricultural machinery does not need to be carried out every day, but only on a regular basis. Therefore, regular maintenance can be carried out according to the needs of the machinery in use. In addition, regular maintenance of agricultural machinery involves regular cleaning, inspection, replacement and maintenance of agricultural machinery. Also, the parts of agricultural machinery that are severely worn are to be replaced regularly.

3、Maintenance of agricultural machinery after trial operation

Farmers buy agricultural machinery after a period of trial operation. This relates to the good or bad operation of agricultural machinery, will also be directly related to the use of agricultural machinery in the future. After the trial run, maintenance of agricultural machinery can observe the parts of agricultural machinery, observe whether the normal operation of agricultural machinery, while often to check. When the agricultural machinery in the process of trial operation problems, to solve or exchange in a timely manner.

4, the maintenance of agricultural machinery storage

For the storage of agricultural machinery should also be maintained, because most agricultural machinery will be placed in storage during agricultural leisure. At this time, to do a good job on agricultural machinery anti-corrosion, sun protection, rain protection and other work, while avoiding agricultural machinery and corrosive substances in contact.

5, the maintenance of agricultural machinery special period

Maintenance of agricultural machinery, in addition to the four cases mentioned, but also the special period of agricultural machinery maintenance. For example, when there is a problem with agricultural machinery, special maintenance to prevent the same problem will occur in the subsequent use.

B. The use of agricultural machinery in the common problems and maintenance methods

1, the use of agricultural machinery in common problems

First of all, mechanical wear and tear problems. Because agricultural machinery and equipment after a period of use will appear wear phenomenon, at this time will cause mechanical parts and size of a certain change. At the same time, wear includes friction and damage to two aspects. Wear is agricultural machinery in the use of the process will appear friction phenomenon, is the friction between the abrasive and mechanical; wear is agricultural machinery in the use of the process, the temperature of the equipment is too high or too low resulting in agricultural machinery and equipment sticky phenomenon. Secondly, the phenomenon of corrosion. Because most of the current agricultural machinery and equipment are metal, when these parts are not used correctly in the process of use, agricultural machinery is prone to corrosion. In addition, agricultural machinery for a long time in high temperature, humid environment will produce corrosion phenomenon, and agricultural machinery and metal parts in contact with the corrosion phenomenon will also occur. Finally, the use of agricultural machinery, some farmers because of a lack of experience or improper use, will also bring certain problems. For example, the agricultural machinery for a long time or unreasonable operation, will cause the aging of agricultural machinery parts, resulting in certain failures of agricultural machinery.

2, agricultural machinery maintenance methods

(1) for the problem of wear and tear of agricultural machinery parts, to improve the lubrication of agricultural machinery. Because most of the agricultural machinery wear problems, mainly parts lubrication is not enough, and thus to improve its lubrication.

(2) To choose the right lubricant for the use and structure of different agricultural machinery and equipment, in order to enhance the degree of lubrication of agricultural machinery. In addition, the use of lubricating oil for agricultural machinery should be checked regularly. When the lubricant appears black, the lubricant should be replaced.

(3) To be reasonable operation of agricultural machinery. Because most of the problems with agricultural machinery are mainly caused by farmers using unreasonable operation, it is necessary to operate agricultural machinery correctly and reasonably. First, before using agricultural machinery, check whether the agricultural machinery and equipment is in normal condition; second, the user should wait for a short period of time after starting the agricultural machinery and equipment, not immediately operate, when the agricultural machinery and equipment meet the needs of the work can be operated. Third, in the use of agricultural machinery to pay attention to the use of time and work the maximum demand, can not let the agricultural machinery load operation. Finally, the professionalism of agricultural machinery maintenance should be strengthened. On the one hand, agricultural equipment should be used in strict accordance with the instructions and no irregularities should be committed. On the other hand, when agricultural machinery and equipment malfunctions, it is necessary to find professional personnel to carry out maintenance, and not to carry out maintenance blindly. This is because professional maintenance personnel can use professional equipment to check the root problem of machine failure, give targeted solutions to the problem, and then develop a maintenance sequence.

(4) When inspecting the machine, the overhauler should follow the sequence from simple to complex. When parts cannot be bought, the maintenance staff can replace them with other parts based on experience. When replacing parts, choose a regular manufacturer, because the maintenance personnel of regular manufacturers have some experience, and at the same time can guarantee the reliability of the parts, which is of great help to the maintenance of agricultural machinery.

With the rapid development of the economy and technology, a variety of agricultural machinery and equipment continue to update. Agricultural machinery should be maintained and serviced on time during use in order to improve the working effect of agricultural machinery. At present, the traditional maintenance and maintenance methods can no longer meet the current needs of agricultural machinery maintenance, such as improving the lubrication of agricultural machinery, reasonable operation of agricultural machinery and strengthening the professionalism of agricultural machinery maintenance, in order to improve the use of agricultural machinery time and enhance the quality of agricultural work.

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